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AUGUST 10th & 11th, 2012

held in recognition of the year The Class of 65 turns 65

Shown above are some of the wanton '65/65' crowd, others were busy posting bail, gulping oxygen, sampling 'adult beverages' or generally engaging in other forms of like 'entertainment'.  How many can you name?  Amazing how well some have held up while the rest of us pay for our decadence...

(see Photo Page for bunches more)          

FIRST there was the August 10th golf 'tournament' at the Valley Country Club... the first ever Class of 65 golf tournament, and possibly the last at the Country Club (until the bar bill is paid at least).  Poor Valley Country Club... her reputation was soiled.

Not sure exactly but around 20 players & others took part in the tournament. A few even played the game before.  Kudos to Doc Joe for getting the Country Club to allow this pagan ritual. And, at the sacrifice of his professional moral reputation. Thanks Joe!

Very special Kudos also to Chairman Mike,.. at great risk to his unearned freedom, he acquired prizes of memorial quality at 'greatly reduced' cost. And, who successfully (for the most part) navigated the course providing much appreciated adult beverages for the players throughout the afternoon...

Our esteemed Marshalls... Mike, Doc Joe & Dave

Action!! And expert coaching too!!! But Dale still missed the putt

It took three players to explain the point of the game to Joe,- he insisted the cup was for drinking... that should explain how seriously this tournament was taken by all.. 

Appre golf at Cousins down the valley.. definitely fun, definitely worth revisiting (in fact, some haven't left yet!)

Check out all of the photos, as many are to be regretted as remembered (which might be the same thing actually..)

 List of Attendees


Lucy Mikula & Guest,

Michael Colasurdo & Marquerite

Joan & Mike Brugger

Suzanne (Watkins) Searfoss

Charles & Donna Mussoline

Bernice A. (Dozeskie) Henry

Maryanne Camesano (Ferdinand)

Ray Maggio

Joan Kittinger

Robert L. Shaar

Joan Contrady

Jean Rossi

David G. Bogdon

Charles & Janice Bowman

Gail Zimet Ferber & Sister

Andy Klesh

Gerald J. & Rose M. Gelgot

Dona M.  Oressie

Carmen J. Valleri

Joanne Perchak Williams

Robert & Carmelita Case

Wayne & June Koch

Marianne Darrough

Rose Ann Deeb

Vincent Kundrik

Joseph F. Sacco

Joan & Thomas Rummerfield

Thomas S. Yenchko

William Kennedy

Patricia Rusinko

Dale & Linda Cross

Carol (Moore) & Wilbert Samler

Maureen (Bindus) Rutski

Nancy (Martinkovic) & Larry Ward

Mary (Gergel) Stehman

Robert Gidosh

Maxine & Harold Heller

Dona (DeLucca) & Robert Inverso

Betty (Miller) & Jack Probert

Ann Veet

Vince Cassano

Maura (Meyers) & Andy Solonoski and son

Robert Tarone & Monica

Martha (Mehalick) Steber

Cindy (Baldesari) Muro & Michael

Barry B. Simmons

Judith Ann Tomaino

Paul Tarone & Guest

Gino Patton

Lefty & Joanie Barletta

Joe & Linda Ulichny

Jamie (Malatack) Hutchinson & Paul Sofuolis

Debbie Gebhardt

Joe Ecker

Nick & Paula Fiore

Betty Jane Beach

George Denke & Squenn

Billy Guckavan

Judy (Marsilio) Wittiker

THEN, on August 11th, there was the picnic (and epic volley ball game)

What a time this was! If you were there you know it, if not,.. it was as friendly as it was fun. Casual, music, great food and drink.. just one of those special times that happened for a special group of people,..The Class of 1965.  Even the weather cooperated. Of course, an open bar and lots of food as well as the easy going afternoon,..just all combined to re establish and make new friends all over again.

Over 90 classmates & guests attended,..several for their very first reunion or gathering since 1965. How about that! You'll note that over 140 photos are linked to this site. See how many classmates you can identify, - get in touch with Betty or Mike for information on any you can't but would like to.

Couple shots follow,.. enjoy,.. HTG Great Time..

 FOOD, and lots of it...

all the smiles,.... just cause Chairman Mike was buying..

LADIES,... nothing more need be said

No one cut in front of these folks... no one

So Gail,.. just what do you want to be when you grow up??

YOU think I'm in charge?! Really??!

Football and Florida,..a coincidence? I think not! 

Nope, that's not a look born of soda or juice..

Flyer,.. what's that nice girl doing with you anyway?

Does anyone know if 'Lefty' has a real first name??